In the digital age, a winning marketing pitch is all about getting the audience to connect. People resonate with stories, often responding emotionally. This connection is gold for campaigns, indeed it's what strategies are built for. Stories have a way of drawing in consumers and captivating them with an experience.

Whatever be the message, enhanced engagement, interaction, visual activations, integration with virtual and augmented realities are now gaining scale and, taking centre stage. At the Cannes Lions International Festival in France, social media giant Instagram created an installation, Storyscape, in collaboration with storyteller, Es Devlin. Storyscape was essentially a time capsule of events shared on the platform in 2018, which were all displayed across 51 monitors, 4 projectors, 8 audio speakers, and 242 windows. Guests sat down in a dark room to view the light projections all around them, and learnt about the history of storytelling. This level of engagement results in a more memorable, shareworthy experience and connect.



Final Fantasy developer, Square Enix, created a new type of storytelling with their Tales of the Wedding Rings VR. They took a traditional comic book and turned it upside-down by creating a 30-minute immersive experience. Using Oculus Rift, readers could view the Japanese manga series in 3D, enabling an immersive experience.



As a means to boost tourism, the Las Vegas tourism board tapped the creative talents of graffiti artist Insa to create a 360 degree virtual art experience. The simulation, Alter Your Reality, required guests to strap on a VR headset to experience the artwork and the artist's visual interpretation of Las Vegas.



Transforming methods of storytelling from a cinematic perspective, Seattle's International Film Festival (SIFF) created a VR zone dedicated to immersive film experiences. Created by WonderTek Labs, this experiential zone featured a curated list of films, which included storytelling pieces from Senegal, Kenya, and South Korea. They even featured a musical piece by punk rock band, Smashing Pumpkins' front man, Billy Corgan.



The Discovery Channel partnered with Google to create a VR travel series that transported viewers to some of the most beautiful continents across the globe. People could experience Discovery TRVLR, using Google's Daydream headset, and then tune into various shows uploaded to YouTube, and the Discovery VR app.