NBA 2K17

In a creative example of taking data from wearables and using it to create more value,the architects of the popular basketball video game NBA 2K17 teamed up with wearable health company Fitbit to reward players who walked more than 10,000 steps in the real world with a boost in abilities for their NBA 2K characters in the video game.


Nadi X

There are also a growing number of “trainable” products which help you correct your form when exercising or your posture. Upright is a chair pillow that vibrates to correct your posture. Nadi X is a brand of haptic yoga pants that read and help correct your form through vibration notifications in real time while you are doing yoga poses.


Slow Down GPS

Stockholm-based financial services company IF Insurance created Slow Down GPS, an app that turns your phone into a GPS navigation device with one interesting change. The GPS will automatically switch to a child’s voice every time a user drives through a school zone. The inspiration behind the app was the belief that most people are "immediately programmed to care for children so when you hear a child’s voice, it will have an immediate effect."



AI bots are now being used to help gather initial information about patients before beginning therapy sessions with real humans. These chatbots will have seemingly human conversations with people, ask preprogrammed standard probing questions and aim to get people to start to open up and talk about themselves. One such creation is the Stanford Department of Psychiatry’s “Woebot,” which was built within Facebook messenger to use a conversational style.

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