One brand that has played perfectly to this post-luxury mentality is Shinola, a leather goods brand that was once breathlessly described by Adweek magazine as “the coolest brand in America.” It was founded by Tom Kartsotis, who, with his brother, founded Fossil, the accessories and lifestyle brand. Shinola’s story starts in 2010 when Kartsotis purchased the name of a defunct shoe polish brand and built a brand story around the fact that the products were made in one of the most iconic cities in the United States: Detroit, Michigan



Peloton, an indoor cycling brand, is another success story in this industry, having raised $325 million and tripling its annual revenue in only a year. Peloton’s model is based on providing engaging content via live-streamed classes with mini-celebrity instructors and recorded sessions that users can stream on demand The sessions are displayed on a screen mounted to the brand’s proprietary stationary bike, so you can participate from home, whenever you want. It has become a cultural phenomenon and has quickly redefined what it means to create a social experience around working out without the need to visit a gym in person.


Stay Inspired

Conrad Hotels and Resorts (owned and operated by Hilton Worldwide) has focused on what it calls smart luxury to distinguish itself from its more traditional sister brand, Waldorf Astoria (also owned by Hilton). The brand has pioneered a program called “Stay Inspired” to help business travelers take advantage of what little free time they might have through a curated local experience.


Eco Diamond

When MiaDonna, an eco-diamond company from Portland, Oregon unveiled its 6.28-carat diamond, it was one of the largest ever grown in a lab. These lab-grown diamonds can be up to 40% cheaper than mined diamonds, and are guaranteed to be conflict-free, not sourced through exploitation of African workers, and not used to finance corrupt governments. In quality, chemical composition, and appearance, they are identical. Up-and-coming eco-diamond jeweler Vrai & Oro was recently acquired by eco-diamond lab Diamond Foundry, which counts Leonardo DiCaprio among its investors. Together, the brands are rethinking the entire process of how diamonds (and engagement rings in particular) are purchased.

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