The nature of jobs has changed

in The explosion of outsourcing recognition

in under a generation itself.

The idea of a 'job for life', if it was ever a reality, is long gone for most people. In 2016, LinkedIn revealed that millennials are likely to have held twice as many jobs by the time they are 30 than those 10 years older than them. What employers want is changing, too.

As businesses adopt agile methodologies and attempt to position themselves to adapt to changing trends-something which traditionally only a small segment of market-leaders have done well-today's star players may be surplus to the requirements of tomorrow.

Increasingly, career-minded individuals are approaching this challenge by adopting the MeInc. mindset. Just as a CEO directs a business by navigating it through markets and deploying assets where they are likely to generate the best returns, employees today will always have an eye on the horizon for upcoming opportunities, be well-stocked with resources to meet them, and be aware of how effectively their assets-skills or capital-are working for them.

Whether you freelance or take a monthly paycheck, it’s important to have a career plan in place. Think about what skills will be needed to continue earning money doing what you love (or what you are good at) in the coming decades. The explosion of outsourcing opportunities, brought about by the Internet and crowdsourcing sites, means that talent in any discipline is quickly and cheaply available. Conversely, it means that opportunities are greater than ever for those wanting to do it alone, or spread their wings with freelance work outside of a day job. Free (or cheap) education is within the reach of more people than ever before, thanks to online learning services. Workers who take the initiative to improve their education themselves, rather than wait around for employers to put them up for courses, set themselves up to shine.

Forward-thinking businesses should all have a strategic plan to benefit from the vast increase in the amount of data, and the knowledge and understanding that can be mined from it. Individuals should really be no different. Data-powered career and employment sites have given us access to rich streams of data on opportunities and rewards available to us. We can analyze this to give us insights into any decisions we make regarding our career.

The explosion of outsourcing opportunities, brought about by the Internet and crowdsourcing sites, means that talent in any discipline is quickly and cheaply available.


Retraining 'On-the-Job' Training

Exec Online partners with top business universities to offer online college educational programs to corporate customers. Companies invest in ExecOnline because it enables them to provide superior education with elite training to their workers, without sending them out of the workplace for extended periods of time. While there are numerous professional development programs at top colleges what makes ExecOnline different is that it makes professional development programs from top colleges open on the web as well as on any gadget-a precious incentive for executives.




Prescreened Crop Cream

Demand for top talent and the process of finding and hiring them can be agonizing as companies struggle to find the right skills at low costs. Toptal, a startup founded in 2010, is an exclusive network of top freelance software developers, designers and financial experts in the world. It has a network of top-tier talent, similar to the caliber of talent that’s working in-house at top Silicon Valley tech companies. With an extensive screening process, it ensures that companies get to work with only the best of the best. All that is needed is clear instruction about the kind of skills needed and Toptal will source the perfect fit to suit your needs. The best part is that you get to work with freelancers and consultants without any risk involved. Each freelancer goes through a sophisticated screening process to ensure that companies engage with the top 3% of all freelancers who apply to be in their marketplace. The screening process includes a language and personality test, a timed algorithm test, test screenings and test projects. Also, it’s mandatory for all freelancers to maintain ‘continued excellence’ to land lucrative projects.




Crowdsource Your Talent

Launched in 2001 by a brazen technologist and an avid chess player, Topcoder began as a community for coders focused on algorithms. Today, Topcoder is connecting companies with a community of nearly 1 million of the world's best problem-solving minds. It is one of the world's top competitive technology communities that spans the entire software development lifecycle. Top designers, developers, and algorithmists call Topcoder home, along with passionate individuals from across the globe who come to Topcoder to gain new skills and learn from the best.




Massively Open Careers

The design and programming industry has started hiring people, based not on their qualifications, but on their portfolio. In fact, a verified certificate matters less now. In this incredible phase in the history of learning, anyone with an Internet connection can take courses, for free, from some of the world’s top universities. On sites like Coursera, edX and Khan Academy, you can learn how to run a clinical trial that will satisfy the Food and Drug Administration, study aircraft design, or dive into the basics of environmental law. The offerings are commonly called MOOCs, or ‘massive open online courses’, and they tend to offer participants certificates of achievement if they finish, as opposed to course credits or grades. HR executives and recruiters find profiles that cite these on LinkedIn and on resumes, as an indication of commitment to upgrading skills and knowledge.