How about putting a group of millennials in a pool of balls or allowing them to play with giant toys? As weird as it may sound, but the fact is that millennials today are increasingly turning away from expectations that come with adulthood, to focus on experiences, that make them feel alive. On the other hand, the silver set can be found to be harnessing the power and potential of technology to address their lifestyle preferences and their needs.

Brands will have to learn to leverage these changes in attitude and experiences. In fact, they have already begun helping millennials leave behind anxieties of their adult life towards youthful experiences that are fun- filled and close to nature. At the same time, they are developing tech-enabled platforms that will encourage peer-to-peer interaction and economy, among the boomers.

The more diversity you bring to your team, the greater your chances of finding ground-breaking innovation.

In this yet unexplored world, millennials try to unwind, reduce stress and create experiences with high social interactions that will free them of day-to-day responsibilities and chores. Prioritizing ‘experiences’ over stuff, this anxious generation is choosing to participate in adventurous events inspired by summer camps and carnivals, outdoor Yoga camps, and stress-reducing getaways, to enjoy youthful freedom and to take a break from their adult life.

This trend is creating opportunities for several start-ups, while also compelling established companies to use adventurous and youthful activities to draw millennials to their doorsteps.

Meanwhile, the new generation of retirees, confident of living a quality life, are not sitting at home knitting. This age cohort is ready to embrace the new sharing economy initiatives, such as professional opportunities, financial freedom and helpful tech innovations, that will counterpoise barriers to income and resources. They are increasingly choosing to go digital for their interactions. The fitness industry has woken up to the opportunity that pensioners present, so has the travel industry, dating sites, property, among others.

As the trend catches on, we will see more brands recognizing the diverse expectations of the two segments and creating programs that will meet the needs of the disruptive demographics of today's aging marketplace.

#2.1 Adult Ball
Pit Bars

Forward Motion is an organization that hosted an adult ball pit event in San Francisco earlier this month. While ball pits are a popular childhood activity, there are few places where adults can indulge in the same kind of play. Forward Motion found a way to make ball pits accessible to adults by combining the activity with alcohol.


#2.2 Adult-Oriented Treehouses

Everyone has dreamed of having his or her own tree fort when growing up and, for some people, that dream carries on well into adulthood with a stunning luxury treehouse, designed by the Nelson Treehouse and Supply Company. This adult-oriented treehouse is supported by seven different trees and sits 15 feet above the ground. The home was built for Rhonda Butler - after watching the TV show, Treehouse Master, on Animal Planet, the homeowner decided she wanted to have her very own luxury treehouse escape. Located in Louisville, Nebraska, this sophisticated treehouse has a 350 square foot, air-conditioning and fully-furnished interior that is complete with a bathroom. The treehouse also features both a whiskey and martini bar, depending on your drink of choice.


#2.3 Senior Travel

The Freebird Club is a peer-to-peer, social travel and homestay club for seniors that operates in a way similar to Airbnb. Ultimately, the club aims to connect seniors, who have a passion for travel and exploration, with others who love to do the same. Accessing the club requires a membership and for members to be at least 55 years of age. The members can then determine whether they'd like to be guests or hosts. A system like this provides a way to enrich lives, as well as decrease loneliness and isolation amongst the elderly population.


#2.4 Accessible Age-Friendly Fitness

Founded by Adriana Christopoulos, Boomers for Fitness is a company that was designed to provide older adult fitness programs and healthy lifestyle support to consumers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario. Adriana is said to have been inspired to create the company when she noticed that such programs were lacking in the area, leaving boomers without the resources they need to reach their personal goals. Keeping this in mind, Boomers for Fitness is a safe haven for those with little to no experience in knowing how to improve their physique and overall health.