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will the Internet of information
become the Internet of value?

What will you learn if you watch and wait patiently in the Amazonian jungle of data around you (minus your Mac), with a paper and some sharpened color pencils? Observing data around you is an act of meditation and self-awareness, as Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec found out in their year-long project. And designing (again, without the mac!) to communicate the data is an act of love from which user-empathy is born. We bring you an exclusive with these young designers whose 52-week marathon created the famous ‘Dear Data’ project, about the importance of getting your hands dirty with Data and Design.

In another Amazon, at the point of sale, just under the hood of your shopping cart on any online portal, algorithms are jostling to give you sharper and more persuasive messages about what else you may like to buy, from the millions of products on offer. But algorithms will never predict disruption, because the smartest ones are unlikely to lead you to the WHY of taste and preference. To find those answers, Tom Vanderbilt went beyond the evolutionary circuits in human brains and picked the brains of experts on beer, cats, art, food and music, for his new book You May Also Like, which he discusses with WOOL (in another exclusive).

In another thought-provoking, exclusive conversation, Don and Alex Tapscott discuss the potential of Blockchain. As the technology scales, will the Internet of Information become the Internet of Value? How should we celebrate Blockchain’s potential to decentralize, democratize and create good governance, and when should we worry about the risks of criminal misuse of the technology?

Artificial Intelligence and how some businesses are getting a head start is another exciting subject, as we introduce a report produced by Wipro and the Economist Intelligence Unit. WOOL readers get an exclusive access to the preview in this issue and access to the full report when it is launched.

Elsewhere, we explore how Design Thinking and Futures Thinking diverge as well as converge, and what leaders need to know about getting both of them to work together.

Trend thinking is catching on, and curating and creating trends will be a trend by itself in 2017. WOOL led the way in 2016 and this issue does one better, we collaborate with TRENDHUNTER, TRENDWATCHING and our own team to explore the convergence of consumer evolution, technology and business innovation. We have a bunch of trends such as Detoxify Tech, Stakeholder Brands, Indulgent Adulthood, among others, that give a peek into what’s shaping consumer expectations in the months ahead.

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