Welcome to the first issue of WooL—a different way to look at things for those who look at things differently.

Packed with trends you’re about to embrace—and who knows—you may even have inadvertently created, WooL is a view from the ground up, because the view from the top can get boring sometimes.

Boardrooms (or bored rooms) are already filled with talk of Unicorns and Design Thinking. It’s time for Trend Thinking to make its place felt.

WooL’s trend profiles highlight the power of data we create—digital synapses that transmit information to make our lives easier, happier, and more productive.

Firing the impulses that link consumer behavior, demographics and cultural patterns, data determines everything we touch—food, technology, fashion, services and experiences. The best part about data is that we create it, we consume it, and we dictate it.

Leading the charge in our first issue is Rohit Bhargava, “non-obvious” trend curator, best-selling author, adjunct professor at Georgetown University, and nice guy. He’s already found what you may not have realized you were looking for.

Like Yeti-hunting, the knack for spotting a data-driven trend is mythic. A trend like this is mysterious, its existence doubtful, its effects even more so. But before you know it, it may influence every important business decision you make. You can find out about it after it’s mainstream. Or you can read WooL.

This is WooL. Read it backwards or forwards—like this piece for instance—for data-driven trends you didn’t know were being born.

Naveen Rajdev

Chief Marketing Officer, Wipro Ltd